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Protect against judicial corruption
Protect against judicial corruption
Justices get to decide their own conflicts of interest. Like pitchers calling their own balls and strikes.
vulnerability to judicial corruption
independent parties determine conflicts & recusals
End Cash Bail
End Cash Bail
Cash bail is biased,
inhumane, and useless.
people deemed safe to return to
the community linger in jail
because they are poor
eliminate unaffordable bail
Stop Serial Abusers
Guarantee Depositions by Right
In 2017, 97.4% of felony
convictions ended without a trial.

That buries information that
the public needs.
failure to expose
abuse and corruption
guarantee depositions
in criminal cases
Expand Restorative Justice
Help Restorative Justice Courts Flourish
A coalition of organizations submitted a proposed rule change that would have made "peace circle" conversations privileged.
The Illinois Supreme Court
rejected that proposal.
restorative justice courts need
trust in order to work, but communications can be used against people
make communications in restorative justice courts privileged
Prevent wrongful convictions
Stop compensating courts for convictions
Economists don't agree on much, but they agree that
incentives matter.
courts entitled to extra
funding if they find guilt
prevent courts from using
money earned by convicting
Prevent wrongful convictions
Stop Pseudoscientists
Pseudoscientists are being
treated as experts.
pseudoscientists are being treated as "experts" and promoting wrongful convictions
raise the bar & require experts
to use reliable techniques
(i.e. Daubert test)
Prevent wrongful convictions
Adopt open file disclosures
We rely on prosecutors
to disclose evidence
that hurts their case.
Bad idea.
incomplete disclosures that promote wrongful convictions
disclose all the evidence
Expand access to justice
Enable Remote Court Appearances
Imagine how nice it would be to handle small issues without
wasting a day in court.
Imagine how nice it would be if undocumented, disabled, and working people could access justice.
the ability to physically
appear in court isn't
a privilege that everyone enjoys
implement tech to
enable remote appearances
End systemic bias
Fight Racist
Jury Selection
It's illegal for lawyers to remove people from a jury based on their race. But some lawyers do it and
get away with it.
we don't have a good tool to stop racist jury selection
experiment with shielding the appearance of potential jurors
End systemic bias
Fight Bias In Sentencing
In Illinois, two people convicted of the same crime, who are the same in every relevant way, could get very different sentences. Decades different.
bias infecting the
sentencing process
sentencing guidelines
End systemic bias
Require Judges to Explain Sentences
Every math teacher:
"show your work."
But when judges sentence people, they don't have to show their work. They don't have to explain why. That's a big problem that makes mistakes impossible to fix.
people can't fix erroneous sentences if they aren't explained
require judges to explain the reasoning behind their sentences