"I'm proud of these endorsements. Not just because of who they are as individuals, but because of the story they tell. These aren't party bosses. These are people in courtrooms, classrooms, and churches. They're the ones who do the work and experience firsthand the need to reform the Illinois Supreme Court Rules."
~ Daniel

Personal PAC
Illinois' leading pro-choice political organization
Our Revolution
Chicago NOW PAC
Chicago NOW PAC is dedicated to making our city a better place for women and girls by ending violence against women, and by promoting reproductive justice, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and economic equity.
Run For Something
Daniel Epstein is an award winning attorney who represented clients in complex pro bono cases in the Supreme Court of the United States and courts across the country. But it was when he returned to serve clients in Illinois that he experienced the systemic problems that he’s now campaigning to fix. Daniel saw the State using faulty DNA machines and pseudoscience to convict people; a system giving financial rewards to forensic labs and courts for finding guilt; and a system vulnerable to judicial corruption. And, most importantly, he saw what we can do to fix it.
Rizoma Collective
Rizoma Collective believes in thoroughly vetting candidates before an endorsement. Today as our first endorsement we would like to proudly endorse Daniel Epstein. We believe he has one of the strongest platforms for restoring justice into the justice system. Thank you Daniel for what you do we are excited to stand for justice next to you!
Southwest Suburban Activists
We are thrilled that our members voted to endorse Daniel Epstein for Supreme Court. He has a Fantastic vision for how the Illinois Supreme Court could positively impact and reform our justice system. We can't wait to see his ideas implemented.
Teamsters Local 777
Union representing "school bus drivers, laborers, miscellaneous and unskilled workers."
West Side Democracy For America
The Values of the Illinois WDFA Chapter are: Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community-based Economics, Feminism, Respect for Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility, and Future.
Action Now
Daniel Epstein is the co-champion of justice that citizens of the West and South of Chicago need in order to really see equitable and critical transformation in our judicial system. Epstein understands that in order to change our judicial system, the courts need to eliminate unethical loopholes, bad incentives, bias and barriers to access by reforming the Court's rules and utilizing its authority over court infrastructure. Action Now believes that Epstein understands his role as a public servant and his duty to true justice even though that means challenging old ways of business because the old ways don't serve the people that need it most and that's marginalized communities.
Illinois Berniecrats
Supporting progressive candidates, initiatives, causes and campaigns at all levels, through all channels and with all groups in the movement.
United Neighbors of the 10th Ward
We commend Daniel for his fierce stance on reforming the court system to create a fair system that does not prey on people of color and the poor.
Will County Progressives
Grass roots organization aimed at getting progressives together to stay informed, get involved, and stand up for progressive values.
These people are endorsing in their individual capacities (and not on behalf of the organizations with which they're associated):
Alexander Polikoff
Counsel at BPI, Lead counsel in the landmark Gautreaux litigation to desegregate public housing in Chicago
Reforming oppressive systems requires intelligence, dedication, and independence. I see those qualities in Daniel Epstein, and believe that his election to the Supreme Court will lead to significant improvement in Illinois' justice system.
Sharon Fairley
Professor of law at University of Chicago; and former candidate for attorney general, Chief Administrator of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, First Deputy Inspector General and General Counsel for the City of Chicago Office of the Inspector General, and Assistant U.S. Attorney
I know how tough you have to be to challenge the political machine in Illinois. I am so proud of Daniel's bold campaign for the Supreme Court.
Dick Simpson
Former 44th Ward Alderman, political science professor, and leading expert on corruption in Illinois
I endorse Daniel Epstein for Supreme Court Justice because he has the most comprehensive reform program. It includes protection against judicial corruption by having independent parties determine judicial conflict and recusals, ending cash bail, and sentencing guidelines. He will fight to reform Illinois' flawed judicial system.
Ameya Pawar
former alderman of Chicago's 47th Ward
Daniel is all backbone and brains. He's principled. He's innovative. He's courageous. He does the work. When you think of the kind of person you want as your public servant, it's Daniel Epstein.
Devon Reid
Evanston City Clerk
The person we elect to the Supreme Court will have to carry Illinois' justice system to the year 2030. Daniel has the bold vision and qualifications to lead us there. He's a reformer who wants to rid our courts of bias, bad incentives, and ethical loopholes; and I'm inspired to mobilize people across Cook County to help him do just that.
Kara Ingelhart
civil rights attorney advocating for LGBTQ rights and the rights of people living with HIV
Daniel thinks about systems from a human perspective and his first concern is always: how does this system work for the most marginalized? Our community benefits from that kind of perspective.
Chris Fabricant
litigator renowned for battling wrongful convictions, misapplication of forensic sciences, and false confessions
I worked with Daniel Epstein on two major pro bono projects during his time as an associate at Jenner & Block. Daniel's commitment to putting his prodigious legal talent to work in service of the greater good was as obvious to me as the work was extraordinary. Many lawyers talk the talk of public service while working in the private sector, but I can say without reservation that Daniel Epstein walked the walk, and will make an exemplary Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court.
Lateefah S. Williams
Assistant General Counsel for the National Association of Government Employees and Social Justice/Community Advocate
Daniel Epstein and I spent years fighting shoulder to shoulder for social justice. We advocated for vulnerable youth and young adults. We testified together before the Washington, DC City Council in support of marriage equality. Before the Supreme Court decided Obergefell, Daniel stood on street corners holding 'honk for marriage equality' signs. Daniel is not afraid to engage in tough conversations and find innovative solutions, specifically with regards to achieving racial equity, correcting systemic injustice, and advancing criminal justice reform. We need people with his character, integrity, and intellect to reshape our nation's Judiciary, so that it lives up to its ideals. Daniel and I fought and won together. I'm proud to fight with Daniel again.
Jon Loevy
renowned civil rights attorney at Loevy & Loevy
Daniel Epstein is a voice we don't have on the Supreme Court. And it's a voice we need. I'm excited by Daniel's vision and I support him.
Cliff Nellis
executive director of the Lawndale Christian Legal Center
Daniel Epstein is a respected leader and skilled attorney with a moral compass that bends toward equity, justice, and opportunity for everyone. Daniel cares about our community. Daniel walks the walk.
Atour Toma Sargon
Village of Lincolnwood, Trustee
Daniel Epstein has the experience, integrity and passion we need on the Illinois Supreme Court. Daniel cares. You can hear it when he speaks, you can see it in his actions, and you can count on him to do the right thing. Daniel has my endorsement and my support.
Netza Roldan
Director of Casa Mexico-USA
I definitely want to go on record as endorsing Daniel Epstein for the Illinois Supreme Court. Daniel not only understands the inadequacy and biased actions that many deprived Illinoisans have suffered in our state courts, but brings exceptional credentials to the justice system. Daniel possesses the experience and passion to serve our people, he demonstrated it through his extensive pro bono service, representing underprivileged clients through different courts in Cook County and all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. His honest and articulate style, as well as his hopeful insight into our community's problems and needs, and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, sets Daniel far above the other candidates.
Diana Strassmann
founding editor of the Feminist Economics journal and visiting professor at the University of Chicago
Daniel is someone who works for others, not for credit or acclaim, but because it's important to him. That's the kind of person you can trust.
Tony Casey
professor of law at the University of Chicago
Daniel Epstein is running to reform the legal system in Illinois. If anyone has the passion and intelligence to do that, it is Daniel. He is one of the brightest young minds in law today and he understands legal institutions and how to fix them.
Annie Williams
Co-Lead Indivisible Oak Park Area, Co-Founder Illinois Handmaids
Daniel understands that being a judge is more than just ruling on cases. He has a vision to transform the justice system into one that is a model of equity, justice and fairness for everyone.
Marianne Lalonde
Former 46th ward aldermanic candidate, neighborhood activist, and environmental scientist
Daniel Epstein has a thoughtful plan to fight corruption and systemic bias in our court system. As a scientist, I understand how important it is that we hold expert scientific testimony to the highest quality and reliability standards. Daniel is the candidate who can make that happen.
Marko Duric
president of the Serbian Bar Association of America & civil rights attorney
Daniel has the fresh perspective and the will necessary to confront the systemic problems in our justice system, and has risen above idle talk with concrete ideas and actions that will make a difference. His campaign is not only significant for having the courage to tackle these issues, but also in galvanizing those in our generation - lawyers or not - to follow his example.
Ugo Okere
Former 40th Ward aldermanic candidate and Policy Director at Raise the Floor Alliance
Illinois' Criminal Justice system disproportionately jails and subjugates those who are black, brown and working class. It's clear from his bold platform of reforms that Daniel is the only candidate who can bring justice and fairness to the highest court in the state.
Rev. Jackie Newsome
public defender & clergyperson
Daniel Epstein is a co-conspirator for justice. His commitment isn't temporary but rather sustained. I have no doubt he'll do what must be done to bring justice to Illinois. Brilliance, courage, and vision, that's what the court needs and that is what Daniel has.
Vincent Buccola
professor of legal studies & business ethics at The Wharton School
Daniel Epstein embodies the ideals of the legal profession: ingenuity, intelligence, and integrity. If you live in Illinois and care about how legal institutions function, helping Daniel get to the Supreme Court is the most effective way you can pitch in.
Tom Murphy
Former general counsel of the Illinois State Bar Association and Evanston Township committeeman
In the Common Weal there is an intersection of politics and law. Dan fills that nexus perfectly with a pragmatic new voice.
Cicely L. Fleming
9th Ward Alderman of Evanston, former president and current Board member of OPAL - an Organization for Positive Action and Leadership working to achieve racial equality in Evanston
I endorse Daniel Epstein for Illinois Supreme Court because Daniel's ideas speak to the needs of the people of Illinois: not the agenda of the power brokers or the status-quo current system. I believe that Daniel is just the candidate we need on the Illinois Supreme Court. His vision can move our entire judicial system to one where justice for all may actually be attained.
Robin Rue Simmons
5th Ward Alderman of Evanston, addressing the on-going impacts of racially discriminatory laws
Kiros Tewolde Gabriel
leader in Chicago's north side African community